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The field of dental implantology is diverse and changes rapidly. Because it is a discipline Dr. Goldberg passionately enjoys and is an expert in, you will find this website to be comprehensive and full of information. Below you will find the most common questions we hear, and we have provided you with answers to them. At the end of the answers we’ve provided you with links to additional information. We know it can be overwhelming, so please remember we always offer free, no-obligation consultations to guide you through the myriad of information. If you’re not ready for a one-on-one consultation, inquire about our periodic (and free) public seminars.


Fees for implants can vary widely. Fees may increase or decrease based upon some of the following factors (this list is not complete, and may vary on a case-to-case basis):

  • The number of implants being placed at the same time (quantity discounts)
  • The brand of implant requested or required
  • The need of a computer-generated surgical guide
  • Financing needs or requests
  • Current promotions

We understand that our fees are lower than most practices, which makes people wonder what the catch is. People also inquire why the fees are so low when Dr. Goldberg is considered to be an expert. There isn’t any catch. Dr. Goldberg firmly believes in charging a fair fee for the services he provides.

Please note that as a consumer, you must understand the fees for the implants do NOT include other components: abutments, crowns, dentures, hybrid teeth, bone grafting, sedation, etc. For a better understanding of the components of an implant, please view our Patient Information Sheet called, “Dental Implants – General Information”, by clicking here.

If you are in need of financing, have insurance questions, or have other financial questions, click here to view our “Insurance & Financing” page.

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Both of these terms refer to artificial teeth that are permanently attached to 4 or more implants. The terms are trademarked by an implant company called “Nobel Biocare.” They fall into the classification of “Hybrid Teeth” or “Hybrid Dentures.”

Candidates for this procedure include:

  • People who currently have multiple teeth that are beyond conventional repair
  • People who are living with constant dental pain and most teeth are beyond conventional repair
  • People who currently have either partial or full dentures and want a permanent replacement

The overall steps can be generally classified as follows:

1. A thorough and proper work-up, along with thorough patient education.

2. In one appointment: remove all the teeth (if teeth are present), placement of the implants, and attachment of temporary teeth to the implants.

3. After a proper amount of time (typically 4 to 6 months), fabrication of the final teeth.

For more information regarding this procedure, please view our Patient Information Sheet called “All-On-4®, Teeth-In-A-Day®, & Hybridge® “, by clicking here.

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Hybridge®, just like “All-On-4,” are artificial teeth that are permanently attached to implants. They also fall into the classification of “Hybrid Teeth” or “Hybrid Dentures.”

The main difference between the two procedures is the type of temporary teeth you will have during the healing phase after the implants are placed: for Hybridge®, the teeth will be a removable denture. All-On-4 offers non-removable (fixed) teeth. Therefore, the cost of Hybridge® is slightly lower.

To perform the Hybridge® procedure, a doctor must have certification from the Hybridge® center in Rochester, NY. Dr. Goldberg is a certified Hybridge® provider.

For more information regarding this procedure, please view our Patient Information Sheet called “Teeth-In-A-Day® & Hybridge®", by clicking here.

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Hybrid Teeth and Hybrid Dentures are artificial teeth supported on dental implants. They have really come into their own over the last number of years. They provide people with a new level of dental comfort and improve overall health, well-being, and happiness for a fraction of the cost previously available. They truly are a life-changer.

All-On-4, Teeth-In-A-Day, and Hybridge® are just a few brand names for Hybrid Dentures. More and more implant manufacturers, organizations, and dentists are coming up with their own names and slight variations to jump into this field. For example, BioHorizons has “Teeth Xpress” and Zimmer Dental has “RevitaliZe.”

Sometimes its not as important to worry about what brand name procedure is being performed, but rather who is performing it. Make sure that the surgeon and the restorative dentist have the experience with these type of procedures and surgeries. Also, if the surgeon and restorative dentist are not the same person, its important to know that the team communicates well with each other. Dr. Goldberg performs both parts and has the experience: only rarely must he refer to another doctor. To learn more about Dr. Goldberg’s experience, click here.

Candidates for these procedures include:

  • People who live in constant dental pain from recurring infections
  • People who require so much dental care that the costs are exorbitant
  • People who are tired of the endless cycle of dental treatment that has to be redone over and over
  • People who have dentures that move and hurt, and want to eliminate them
  • People who understand jaw bone will continue to deteriorate and disappear as the years progress, and they want to decrease or eliminate this process

It is important to remember this type of care is an investment in your health. Insurance covers very little. You will not see the cost-effectiveness over the short-term: this is a long-term investment. The savings comes into play when you realize root canals, fillings, crowns, bridges, and dentures do not have to be redone and replaced.

For more information regarding this procedure, please view our Patient Information Sheet called “Teeth-In-A-Day® & Hybridge®", by clicking here.

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Dental implant are not a specialty of dentistry, which means any dentist, regardless of their training, can place and / or restore implants. Unfortunately, this can lead to bad things for the general public.

Therefore, as a consumer, you must do your research to understand the skills and knowledge of the doctors you are considering working with.

You should also note not all dentists PLACE and RESTORE the implants. This isn’t always a problem, but you must decide for yourself if you’re comfortable with it.

Here is a sampling of questions to ask of any doctor you are interviewing for your care:

  • Do you place AND restore the implants, or do I have to see another dentist? If you do only one, how familiar are you with the other?
  • What training do you have?
  • What credentials do you have?
  • How long have you been involved with implant dentistry?
  • What implant organizations are you involved in, and how often do you go for continuing education?
  • Are you able to give me multiple options? Are you AWARE of multiple options?
  • Have you had training to handle complications and problems?

Dr. Goldberg is extremely well-trained. Click on the appropriate link below to view his profile:

  • To view his dental implant background, click here.
  • To read an article written by Dr. Goldberg on this topic, click here.

Nothing in life has a 100% success rate, and dental implants are no different. A single implant with a single crown on top of it has a success rate over 99%. Dental implant restorations that include more than one implant can range from the high 80% to the high 90%. Failures can be attributed to a number of reasons.

Some of the biggest reasons include:

  • Inadequate training or inadequate attention to details by the surgeon and / or dentist
  • Inadequate laboratory procedures
  • Failure of the patient to follow instructions, recommendations, and follow-up appointments
  • Health status of the patient

Please click here to view Dr. Goldberg’s patient information sheet, “Implant Maintenance.”

For additional information, please remember Dr. Goldberg offers free, no-obligation consultations to discuss YOUR unique situation. If you are not ready for a one-on-one meeting, click here to register for his next public implant seminar.

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